Welcome to Red Rooster Gourmet Cookies!


I went to Red Rooster for the first time today.  I had a cookie once at a wedding and wanted to try it again.  I got a half dozen mixed and every single one of them were delicious.  I will suggest your high quality, delicious cookies to anyone I can since I love supporting quality products!  Thanks you!

Jenn K-G


Hi ! I just received your cookies as a gift. I have never had anything this good. I was looking at the enclosed menu that came with my cookies and was wondering if you have a sampler..one of each cookie! I'm going to put you on our company face book page thats how good these are ! I will be sending my order for presents next week !

Kevin Miesse


These are the best cookies in the world, esp. the irish butter and kahlua...yum.  The gift boxes are always a hit as a gift too!

April Robinson


Truly a wonderful experience.  Everyone should do them selves a favor get cookies from Red Rooster. I drive by on my way to work and finally stopped this was one of the best decisions I have made :) thank you RR 

Monique Currier


Hi,  Just received the package from you ordered by Susanne Andres....  Just wanted to say how impressed I was by not only your presentation, but the taste of the cookies is delicious.   The texture and freshness is  like they just left the oven and I can only describe them as "meaty cookies"  that pair so well with a cup of coffee or glass of milk.   thank you for your amazing talents and wish you all the best in your business.  You have me sold.  Warmest regards, Tom and Gina Ricca Hillsborough, NJ

Gina Ricca


The BEST cookies ever. Sent them to my daughter at college and now they all want more.

Kerstyn Deskin


I just received the package of cookies. Thank you so much!! Very thoughtful of you!  I can honestly say these are the best cookies I have ever eat and my co- workers agree. Do you typically do mail order cookies? If so we have several people who would like to place some orders. Let me know. Thanks Again!

Matthew Picard


It was such a wonderful treat to get your gift this morning. Your cookies are absolutely delicious! I enjoyed them all. I will be strolling around my boy Liam this weekend to try to burn off the calories. :)

Thank you for watching us every morning. It is because of viewers like you that make it so easy to get up at 2 a.m every morning.

 Again I appreciate your sweet gesture. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future.

Yvonne Nava


Kim started the Red Rooster Baking company a few years back, and as you’ve seem to notice, she might very well produce the best cookies in the world.  Here is her website, just in case you have a special event that you need a special gift for! 

Mandy Farricker


I am a friend of Mandy Farricker. Just wanted to give you the heads up that 1. Your cookies are amazing and 2. You really need to look at the Egg Nog cookies going year round. I mean they are all great but that Egg Nog one is the best desert I have ever eaten. Seasonal Shmeasonal.

Paul Bruns


I stopped by yesterday late afternoon with my son, Andrew, to pick up a half dozen cookies.  I just had to tell you... WOW!  They could not have been any more perfect!  I started with the Key Lime Sugar (in the car) which I intended to only consume half of but ended up being in the mood to become an overachiever.  Then, I spotted the Oatmeal Butterscotchie.  I ate the whole of that one, too.  I was so impressed by the perfect shapes, amazing size, and impressively not-overcooked, nor under-cooked method you have certainly mastered!  I have recently gotten into baking, so when I see a Master's work, I appreciate it so greatly.  My husband, Dan, ate the 2nd Key Lime and Chocolate ones.  He is looking forward to another surprise mix.  ;)

Mary and Andrew Hally


"Best cookie i ever had in my life" - tom rousseau

 "heavenly" donald macmillan

 "that's worth another one!" kerry desomd

 "wow these are great" brian desmond

Tony Ferrucci


I tried your cookies.... They were amazing!

Caitlin Lenehan


My physical therapist and his family LOVED YOUR COOKIES ! ! !

Best Wishes to a great baketress (I'm not sure if that's a real word) and enjoy your time off ! ! !

Thanks again for shipping great cookies ! ! !

Temmy Radcliffe


In all honesty, the eggnog cookie is literally the best cookie I have ever had in my life.

 Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Paul Bruns


Nothing puts me in the holiday mood more than the eggnog cookies!  Thanks for that treat!  My husband's staff couldn't wait to open their boxes first thing in the morning yesterday.  They loved the cookies.

Linda Paine


Just wanted to let you know we just shot the cookies in our studio, and then our staff promptly devoured them — you make some SERIOUSLY delicious cookies!! Sarah was not lying :) 

Lauren Matthews


Your Carrot Cake Cookies that you let us try the last time we were there.  They are aWeSoMe!  I love them!  They are perfect!  They are full of flavor.  They are not too sweet.  They are rich without being overwhelming.  They are a must have!  

Cindy Pranzer 


"I ran 3 miles today, then ate 3 Red Rooster cookies! Thanks for introducing me to the best cookies ever..."

Katey Bamberg Ross


 Just wanted to let you know...YOUR COOKIES ARE AMAZING!!! Everyone enjoyed them, my mom and I will be letting everyone know about the Red Rooster! 

Michelle Mary


Hi, I just tried one of your cookies for the first time (Raspberry Amaretto). It was DELICIOUS!! Happy Holidays.

Ann Marie


I just wanted to tell you how great the Carrot Cake and Spice Butter cookies were!  I can't wait to try some of the other flavors.  My husband said you must have some magic recipe as the cookies are always yummy and the same size and texture!

Sandie Gibbs


"Had a taste of your Pumpkin Spice Cookie from the donation you made to the public forum for Guilford''s Plan of Conservation & Development meeting on Wednesday nite. DELICIOUS!  Thank you!"

Vera Guibbory


Wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed the cookies we took to our dinner party last Saturday. We sliced them in halves so everyone could sample each flavor.  We served them with a fruit salad laced with Grand Mariner.  I cannot tell you how much fun we had induldging.  You really have a great concept. We will definately be bck for more.



Hi Kim! The cookies we picked up for Easter were fantastic! The first one we tried was your Triple Chocolate...It was so awesome! The Lemon Chip was delicious! My favorite was the Raspberry Amaretto ~ it was mmmm mmmm hEaVeN! Thank you so much for such wonderful cookies!

Cindy Pranzer


I recommended that people follow you! To see others picked, visit http://twibes.com/?r=D1&u=RedRooster444&v=ce8b

 Ann Nyberg / AnnNyberg

Kimberly, WOW...that is all we can say. My family loved your cookies. We will be back and I can't wait to send someone your cookies for a special occasion. You have created perfection !

Clifford Pollack


Hope you caught the little 'cookie chat'.

Unbelievable cookies, as always!

The newsroom is raving about them... you should be selling them by the masses across the country... and beyond.

Sonia Baghdady


Just to let you know the cookies are a huge hit. I have received nothing but complements from the lucky few who got them. You are an artist.  

Noah Eisenhandler


Oh my goodness - we ate all 12 and then were wishing we had bought more.  Your cookies are amazing!!  I'm going to have to spend some extra time at the gym this week!!

Lee Marietta


Hi! I stay in Florida and I tried your cookies for the first time this week, a vendor had them delivered to the office. These cookies seriously have to be one of the best I have ever tried. They were moist and soft, like they had came right out of the oven. I tried the Egg nog and the Snickerdoodle -- one word: Amazing!! Keep up the good work 

Jennifer Pezzella